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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.

Admission Arrangements (Local Authority) for Community Primary Schools – Rural


Applications are made via the Local Authority and this can be accessed at the website. The Admissions department is on the front page of the website. The Local Authority control both Foundation Stage admissions at age 4 and in year admissions for older children wanting to move into the school. SCHOOL STAFF HAVE NO INPUT INTO THIS, DO NOT SEE WAITING LISTS AND WILL REFER YOU BACK TO THE LOCAL AUTHORITY WITH QUERIES. 
The school’s admission number currently stands at 20 for each year group.
Following the allocation of places to pupils who have a statement of special educational needs which names the school as appropriate provision, when there are more applications for places than there are places available, priority will be given in the following order:
  • Pupils with a statement of Special Educational Needs, which names the school as appropriate provision and children in public care.
  • Pupils who live in the designated villages and contributory parishes of Wilbarston, Stoke Albany, Weston By Welland, Ashley, Sutton Bassett, Dingley and Brampton Ash.
  • Pupils with an older brother or sister continuing at the school at the time of admission of the younger child.
  • Children whose parents express a preference for their child to attend a Church of England school.
  • Other pupils. If necessary, places in this category will be offered by reference to the child’s home address in relation to the preferred school and also to any other school the child could attend.
  • Children from other areas can be admitted subject to a place being available.

If the admission number is exceeded within criterion (ii) priority will be given to those who live furthest from the nearest alternative school. If the admission number is exceeded within any other criterion priority will be given to those who live closest to the school.



Summer Born Children.


The Government's School Admission Code now allows pupils born in the summer term to start school in the term after their 5th birthday. Please see the guidance from Northamptonshire County Council on this and discuss this with the schools of your choice prior to making this decision and application so that you can make an informed choice. 

NCC make clear that it is still usual and their aim for all pupils to start school in the correct year and that evidence from a professional must be provided as to why this should not be the case. Many parents of summer born children worry that their child is too young to start school, but schools are used to this and will plan their curriculum based on pupils learning at different speeds, as in every other class in school.  Foundation Stage classrooms are set up for children to learn by purposeful and well designed play activities. Parents are usually reassured after speaking to the school. 



Here is the link to the NCC page:

Here is our current Admissions Policy.