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Behaviour and Exclusion


As a school our expectations of behaviour are high; we expect pupils to behave around school and when we take them out of school. Our children expect good behaviour from one another and it is rare that behaviour of pupils falls below what we would expect.

We reward effort of pupils and perseverance in our school. Good behaviour is expected and not usually rewarded. However, pupils are rewarded with house points and "Star of the Week" certificates for being a good role model to others or exemplifying our Christian values in specific ways. 

Our policy explains how we reward consistently good standards of behaviour in order to promote the highest standards and how we will deal with incidents when our expectations are not met. Our behaviour policy reflects our Christian ethos and values in action. Children should always know that their behaviour is their responsibility but also that they can be forgiven and start again if they are able to say sorry and show remorse. An example of this is that loss of Golden Time in Classes 1 and 2 can be earnt back. 



Exclusion is viewed as a final step in our school and it means that we have failed to secure an improvement in behaviour. We work with families in order to support pupils and to improve poor behaviour. We know a child who is behaving badly is not happy and we will work in partnership with families and other agencies to improve behaviour. 

Where the health and safety of staff or other pupils is at risk and/or there are significant incidents of continued poor behaviour which shows no sign of improvement despite the above support and intervention, the school may consider fixed term exclusion or permanent exclusion. All staff and pupils have the right to feel safe and happy in our school. 

It can be difficult where the school has a pupil in this position for other parents to understand why it appears that improvement in behaviour of a child is slow. We cannot discuss what arrangements are in place for individual pupils as this would breach their confidentiality. However,  it is important to remember that all children are treated the same and all pupils would be given the same opportunity to improve and do better. Some children, especially younger pupils, do not mature at the same rate and don't have the same understanding as others. We have high expectations for all pupils and rest assured there will be alot of work with families to secure improvement behind the scenes. 

Here is our current Anti-Bullying Policy.

Here is a copy of the form to complete in the case of term time absence. Please note, all term time holiday of 5 consecutive days or more will automatically be referred to the Local Authority in line with DFE and Local Authority guidance.