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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5!

Miss Franklin & Mrs Bourne


Year 6 will be learning about trade this term. At the end of last term children came up with a list of questions that they want to find out and learn about. Some of the themes that came from these questions include: 

* Logos - what does a logo do? 

* Imports and exports - what does the UK import & export? What country has the biggest exports? 

* Fair trade - what is it? Does it just apply to food?

* Food - where does our food come from? Food-miles & the environmental impact.

During our lessons we will hopefully answer the questions the children came up with. 


It is a busy time of year with the run-up to Christmas. Below are some dates for your diaries:

* Friday 10th November - Remembrance assembly - 10:45am in the school hall

* Friday 17th November - Children in need mufti day

* Wednesday 6th December - Christmas craft afternoon

* Friday 15th December - Christmas jumper day

* Friday 15th December - KS2 dress rehearsal 

* Monday 18th December - KS2 Christmas Play - 2pm & 6pm

* Wednesday 20th December - am - KS2 party pm - Wind in the Willows pantomime

* Thursday 21st December - 2:30pm - Christmas service (in church.)


If there are any alterations to these times or dates we will let you know. 


As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do come and talk to us. 



Meet our worry monster, Frank.

Meet our worry monster, Frank.  1