Foundation Including R.E. and Collective Worship

Jesus said, I have come that you should have life, life in all its fullness. John, 10:10

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Collective Worship

At Wilbarston CE Primary School we enjoy a daily act of collective worship. In line with our Christian denomination worship is traditionally Anglican. We do make links to concepts and ideas/festivals from other faiths but mainly share Christian concepts, beliefs and values in our worship. Our worship is central to our ethos and derived from our vision: Jesus said, "I have come that you may have life, life in all its' fullness."  Through  worship children learn more about our world, school and wider community and each other. They consider spiritual and moral questions and develop a sense of awe about our world.


At Wilbarston CE Primary School R.E. is a vital part of our curriculum. Children will learn about how others live their lives in faith, how faith impacts on daily life and think about "big questions" for themselves, slowly developing their own views about spiritual and moral matters. Part of this curriculum will include inviting visitors into school and visiting places of worship. In the last few years we have visited a mosque in Leicester, a Hindu temple in Leicester, explored the "Golden Mile" at Diwali, a cathedral and also invited in a Catholic sister and a Jewish person to share their faith and experiences. Through this understanding of different world views, of faith and no faith, children will grow and develop into young people of tolerance and respect who value everyone in society. 

Please see our policy and our overview below for more information about worship. 

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