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We know that many parents tell us that the methods used in school now are very different to "how we were taught maths" at school and we know parents find that a worry.
Here is our maths calculations document which shows step by step the methods used. In most cases, there are little steps added into the methods "we were taught" to help children to see the links between the informal and more formal methods we use.
If you are worried about maths homework, please come in and ask us or send your child's teacher a note or email via the bursar to let us know. Your child should ALWAYS be able to do homework set as it builds on work in class - don't believe them when they say something is new! But, please, don't turn homework into a battle. Ask your child to come to homework club on Tuesday lunchtimes for help from Mrs Avery.
Please remember, what hasn't changed - times tables and mental maths eg doubles and halves and number bonds (what makes 10, 20 or 100 eg 56+? =100) are still the very best things you can do at home. Your child MUST know their tables by the end of Year 4 (up to 12x12) and their division facts related to those ie 72 divided by 9=?). There are lots of games online to help with this or counting up and down the stairs is a fun way to learn too.