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Wilbarston School Parents Association
Registered charity number 1095726
Dear Parents,
Wilbarston School Parents Association
I’d like to start this letter by sending a big Thank You to Dawn Timmins who, a lot of you will be aware, was Chair of the PA for over 6 years. In that time, Dawn lead a massive fund raising effort which benefited the school to the tune of around £30,000. This money bought the school stage, tables and chairs for dinners, benches, football nets, sports bibs, funded many school trips and much more.
You may have seen Dawn at the Mayfair event when we gave her a little send off. This was in appreciation for her commitment over the years. We would like to thank Dawn and wish her all the best for the future.
Dawn stepped down as Chair in May and I have now taken up the mantle of running the PA. I look forward to working with a great team of Mums and Dads to continue the fund raising efforts. With budgets being cut it is ever more important that we try to help the children by buying the things that the school can’t.
So, looking forward, the PA’s first job under new management will be to host the annual BBQ. We hope as many of you can come along and join the fun. The flyers are already out and raffle tickets will soon be in book bags. This should help us in purchasing some outdoor play equipment which we hope will be installed during the summer break.
In the future we will be sharing lots of information with you about our activities on our new colourful newsletters which will be published regularly. Look out on the school’s website and share app for these. We also encourage you to come along to some of the meetings if you can – these will be advertised accordingly.
We will be looking for an army of volunteers to help out at events throughout the year. Thank you to those who have already volunteered. You don’t have to commit fully, as we appreciate people have busy lives, but any amount of help is appreciated. Even if it is half an hour to clear up after a disco. To quote the famous retailer “Every little helps!”
Details of the PA and its members will be on our first newsletter. Please feel free to stop any of us for a chat in the playground. Any new ideas on events and fund raising activities will be greatly received and any offers of help equally embraced.
Thanks for reading. I look forward to being your Parent’s Association Chair and I hope to share the excitement with you all in the coming year.
Yours sincerely
Rachael Crooks
Chairman– Wilbarston School Parents Association