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We take the safety, happiness and well-being of our children seriously and have ensure all staff are trained and updated annually in Safeguarding by Lesley Pollard, an external advisor well experienced and qualified in safeguarding. All staff have had copies of relevant procedures and information eg Working Together 2016 documents and also have completed the relevant Disqualification forms. Staff are aware of their responsibilities for online safety too (see below).


Our Designated Persons for Safeguarding are Mrs Green (Head),  Miss Sheen (SENCO) and Miss Franklin (KS2 leader). Their training is up to date and updated bi-annually as required.
Mrs Holden (Chair of Governors) is our Safeguarding and Online Safety governor. She oversees the procedures and policies related to Safeguarding. The Health and Safety committee of governors also overview Safeguarding aspects  including our annual audit and action plan.


The school carries out DBS checks and has an up to date Single Central  Record of employees and volunteers who regularly work with our children to ensure that adults in school are safe. This is checked by the headteacher and Chair of Governors.


We operate Safer Recruitment practices for recruitment e.g. ID checks on arrival, qualifications checked and two references in place prior to interview. Mrs Green and Mrs Holden have all completed the statutory training for Safer Recruitment and all training is in date.


Staff and governors are trained in Managing Allegations Against School Staff and all staff are aware of the Whistle Blowing Policy which is below and on our staff area of the website and in school.


Supply agencies are provided with copies of our policies and health and safety information prior to sending us staff and the Head/School Business Manager will ensure supply staff know fire procedures and also child protection procedures on arrival. We use the same companies and, where we can, the same staff so pupils know a familiar face. In Key Stage 2 (juniors) we have two qualified and experienced Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs) who are able to cover for teachers in their absence too. 
Staff are aware of the protocols to follow if they have a worry about a child and forms are used to record worries and actions by the Designated Person. Parents are kept informed of concerns, when they arise, in line with our policy.


We regularly provide information on our newsletters about what parents can do if they have a concern about a child. Parents should contact the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub if they are concerned in holiday periods or if they would rather speak to the MASH team. Telephone: 0300 126 1000.  Parents and community members have used this in the past to keep our children safe. 


We talk to children about their safety and have worry boxes in school to help them with concerns.

To help families experiencing difficulties there is access to a Parent Support Advisor, funded by school. Hayley Harvey is located at Loatlands and can be reached on or 07527324844. She can advise on any parenting worry such as behaviour, bereavement or financial support.

We have an adult and a young persons committee for Anti-Bullying. These committees are pro-active and meet regularly. There are two themed weeks per year around anti-bullying and the children's group lead worship too.
We work hard to provide a culture where bullying is not tolerated and where children will tell adults if this is a worry for them.

In our curriculum we talk about staying safe in a range of subjects e.g. Science and PHSE and also in worship.   For example, younger pupils learn about medicines, road safety and all pupils have an assembly about the Firework Code before Bonfire Night organised by the local Police. Each term the children have refresher lessons on online safety too. Also, before pupils leave in Year 6 the local Police lead a Drugs Education session and teachers from a local secondary school provide our Sex Education which includes elements about self esteem and well-being.  We also talk to children about Stranger Danger and safety around animals in the curriculum.

Evolve Risk Assesment Program for Trips Off Site:

Miss Franklin is the Educational Visits Co-ordinator. She is fully trained. All staff leading trips off site have been trained to do so and the headteacher is confident of their ability to do so. The Evolve program is used to plan and risk assess trips. Staff complete this online and it is approved online prior to the trip proceeding. Any hazardous activities must be approved by our MAT leader for trips, Marc Jordan.

Staff complete relevant risk assessments for trips and also for activities in school e.g. cooking.
Staff complete online health and safety training regularly and also are aware of their responsibilities for their own areas of school.

Early Help:
Mrs Green and Miss Sheen (our SENCO) can both help with Early Help facilities and support if you are in need of help with your family. Please speak to our PSA Hayley Harvey confidentially first and she can refer you to the right agency for support or speak to us. (See above)

Our Safeguarding Policy is below and we remind parents to speak to us if you are worried. If you are worried about a child outside of school time you can call the local Multi Agency Support Hub for advice (anonymously if needs be) on 0300 126 1000.

Online Safety

Simon Aston is the Online SAFETY officer who trains staff and also leads parent workshops. Please find below all of the information from his area of the NCC website. His contact details are: You can find his page of information at Northamptonshire County Council, click on the A-Z and find Online Safety there. 
All of the links to the websites that he recommends are below too.
The internet is an amazing tool but children need to use it safely. We teach children how to do this in school. However, Simon's workshop shows that 75% of pupils forget to 'be safe' at home. Use the links and advice below to ensure that your child is safe and ensure that they are online in a family area not in their own room with their own devices. Please monitor your child's online activity to keep them safe. 
Mrs Katie Curran is the designated Online Safety Teacher at our school. Mrs Holden is our E-Safety Governor. Please feel free to see them if you have any questions.
Thank you.

Picture 1 Safer Internet Day Assembly
Picture 2 Safer Internet Day Assembly
Picture 3 Safer Internet Day Assembly

Our school Safeguarding Policy 2017

Parent booklet on online safety