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Term time absences

From September 2013 schools have been unable to grant any term time leave for children unless there are "exceptional circumstances". As the Department For Education stipulate, each school has their own definition of this, but our school and our Multi Academy Trust have agreed that an example of this is a family wedding.
Holidays are not an exceptional circumstance. They cannot be permitted in term time and therefore are not authorised by school. This is why we no longer have a holiday form for parents to complete.
If you choose to remove your child from school you should tell us in writing (email is acceptable) that you are doing this. 
The school must then calculate the absence created by this term time absence and may then refer the matter to the Local Authority. PLEASE do not tell us your child is ill when you are removing them for a break - the children either learn to lie to authorities - which is a terrible example to set a child, or they tell us openly that you have lied. Either way, your child is placed in a difficult situation that causes them concern. 
Where a family suffers a bereavement, family break down or there is a funeral, these are covered by the "family circumstances" code on our registers and automatically authorised by school.


All children are expected into school when well and should meet the 97% attendance target from the Department for Education. 97% attendance would equate to your child being away from school for 6 school days or 30 lessons in the year.


Attendance has to be monitored each half term by school leaders and governors also monitor overall figures for each class.
If a child's attendance falls below 85%, a child misses 18 sessions in 6 weeks or a specified unauthorised term time holiday is taken then the school must refer this for action to the Local Authority who will take measures against the family to ensure the child's attendance improves.
We met our target in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 - thank you for ensuring your children are in school to make the most of their learning opportunities.