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On behalf of all at our school I would like to welcome you to our school website and invite you to find out all about the exciting things that go on here. As you will see,  we have a large amount going on!
Wilbarston CEVC Primary School is a happy and caring school where we challenge every child to reach their full potential.  We are located between Corby and Market Harborough serving the Welland Valley and Desborough areas. We are traditional in our approach, Christian values and expectations. As a Church of England primary school we strive to ensure that every child leaves our school as a responsible, caring individual, fully able to access the curriculum at the next stage of their education in secondary school. This is developed by working in partnership with families to ensure that children are clear about our expectations and work hard to achieve the highest standards of achievement and behaviour. We are proud of our pupils and our school because we all work hard together to have a happy and successful school.
Our Church of England ethos is important in developing strong relationships between pupils, between staff and pupils and families and school. The house system in our school exists to build on that sense of family that our small and caring school creates. We also have a successful and popular buddy system, built on the principle of stewardship, where children help each other to settle into school and learn how our systems work, whether this is when the child is new in Foundation Stage or any other year group.
Our academic standards are good because children enjoy an interesting and varied curriculum, which they help us to develop and improve. On parents evenings children attend to talk with parents and staff about how their learning journey is going and what they are doing to meet their targets. Our mentoring approach ensures that pupils understand that they are responsible for their own learning and progress. Staff will set challenging targets and children spend time in school finding out how they can work towards the next steps for them. We ask that parents support learning in school by ensuring homework is complete and handed in on time – it usually links to classwork and so is really important that it is completed. The demanding new curriculum will challenge most children and practise of key skills (e.g. all times tables must be known by the end of Y4, telling the time by April of Y2) at home is now essential for most children to meet their "expected" level each year. 
As you will see from our clubs section, we have many extra curricular clubs for a small school. We ask each year what the children want and try to meet it. We also have some visitors to school who run clubs e.g. our football and dance clubs.
Finally, if you are new to our school, please contact us to find out about a tour date. If you are currently connected to our school please keep clicking and use your password to access our parent gallery to find out what has been going on recently!
Andrea Green.