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This page contains many documents, policies and reports. Please contact the school office if you require a paper copy of any of the information on the school website.


A copy of our prospectus is available as a download from the sidebar of the page.


If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.

Admission Arrangements (Local Authority) for Community Primary Schools – Rural

Applications are made via the Local Authority and this can be accessed by using the NCC Admissions link in the sidebar. The Admissions department is on the front page of the website. The Local Authority control both Foundation Stage admissions at age 4 and in year admissions for older children wanting to move into the school. SCHOOL STAFF HAVE NO INPUT INTO THIS, DO NOT SEE WAITING LISTS AND WILL REFER YOU BACK TO THE LOCAL AUTHORITY WITH QUERIES. 

The school’s admission number currently stands at 20 for each year group.

Following the allocation of places to pupils who have a statement of special educational needs which names the school as appropriate provision, when there are more applications for places than there are places available, priority will be given in the following order:

  • Pupils with a statement of Special Educational Needs, which names the school as appropriate provision and children in public care.

  • Pupils who live in the designated villages and contributory parishes of Wilbarston, Stoke Albany, Weston By Welland, Ashley, Sutton Bassett, Dingley and Brampton Ash.

  • Pupils with an older brother or sister continuing at the school at the time of admission of the younger child.

  • Children whose parents express a preference for their child to attend a Church of England school.

  • Other pupils. If necessary, places in this category will be offered by reference to the child’s home address in relation to the preferred school and also to any other school the child could attend.

  • Children from other areas can be admitted subject to a place being available.

If the admission number is exceeded within criterion (ii) priority will be given to those who live furthest from the nearest alternative school. If the admission number is exceeded within any other criterion priority will be given to those who live closest to the school.

Summer Born Children

The Government's School Admission Code now allows pupils born in the summer term to start school in the term after their 5th birthday. Please see the guidance from Northamptonshire County Council on this and discuss this with the schools of your choice prior to making this decision and application so that you can make an informed choice. 

NCC make clear that it is still usual and their aim for all pupils to start school in the correct year and that evidence from a professional must be provided as to why this should not be the case. Many parents of summer born children worry that their child is too young to start school, but schools are used to this and will plan their curriculum based on pupils learning at different speeds, as in every other class in school.  Foundation Stage classrooms are set up for children to learn by purposeful and well designed play activities. Parents are usually reassured after speaking to the school. 

We provide a weblink to NCC in the sidebar.

Academic Results

Summary of 2017 Performance Information is provided below. A more detailed breakdown of the 2017 results is provided in the sidebar of the page.

Foundation Stage

There were only 14 pupils in 2017 Year 2 cohort. 2 pupils (14% were recorded with Special Needs) and one addional pupil (7%) had missed a year of education.

75% of pupils attained the Good Level of Development (expected standard) against a national standard of 70%.
95% of pupils attained the expected standard in Reading.
80% of pupils attained the expected standard in Maths number focus.
75% of pupils attained the expected standard in Writing. 

Key Stage 2 Performance

There were 20 pupils in the Year 6 cohorts. 3 pupils had Special Educational Needs (15%). The percentage of pupils achieving 'Age Related Expectations' or above in the 2017 Key Stage 2 tests by subject:

Reading – 75% (national 71%)
Writing – 80% (national 76%)
Maths – 80% (national 75%)

EGPS - 80% (national 79%)

Behaviour & Anti-bullying

As a school our expectations of behaviour are high; we expect pupils to behave around school and when we take them out of school. Our children expect good behaviour from one another and it is rare that behaviour of pupils falls below what we would expect.

We reward effort of pupils and perseverance in our school. Good behaviour is expected and not usually rewarded. However, pupils are rewarded with house points and "Star of the Week" certificates for being a good role model to others or exemplifying our Christian values in specific ways. Our policy explains how we reward consistently good standards of behaviour in order to promote the highest standards and how we will deal with incidents when our expectations are not met. Our behaviour policy reflects our Christian ethos and values in action. Children should always know that their behaviour is their responsibility but also that they can be forgiven and start again if they are able to say sorry and show remorse. An example of this is that loss of Golden Time in Classes 1 and 2 can be earnt back. 


Exclusion is viewed as a final step in our school and it means that we have failed to secure an improvement in behaviour. We work with families in order to support pupils and to improve poor behaviour. We know a child who is behaving badly is not happy and we will work in partnership with families and other agencies to improve behaviour. 

Where the health and safety of staff or other pupils is at risk and/or there are significant incidents of continued poor behaviour which shows no sign of improvement despite the above support and intervention, the school may consider fixed term exclusion or permanent exclusion.All staff and pupils have the right to feel safe and happy in our school.

It can be difficult where the school has a pupil in this position for other parents to understand why it appears that improvement in behaviour of a child is slow. We cannot discuss what arrangements are in place for individual pupils as this would breach their confidentiality. However,  it is important to remember that all children are treated the same and all pupils would be given the same opportunity to improve and do better. Some children, especially younger pupils, do not mature at the same rate and don't have the same understanding as others. We have high expectations for all pupils and rest assured there will be alot of work with families to secure improvement behind the scenes. 

Please review our Behaviour and Anti-bullying policies in the sidebar.

Charging Policy

We have a Charging Policy which you should read. Our policy follows Government guidelines and is provided in the sidebar.

If you are in financial difficulty at any time, please talk to Mrs Green or Mrs Johnston in confidence. There may be ways we can help you. If you prefer, you can talk to Hayley Harvey, our Parent Support Advisor on 07527324844 or on her email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. She can help with more long term issues e.g. refer you to a debt counselling service. 

Please ensure you claim for free school meals if you are entitled to it - this gives the school a pot of money to help you pay for uniform, trips and any extras your child might need e.g. speech and language support, summer holiday clubs etc. This is confidential too.

Ofsted and Church Inspections

Our last Ofsted visit was in July 2015 where the school was reported as Good. A link to the Ofsted website for ongoing reporting is provided in the side bar.

As a Church of England School we are also inspected by the National Society on behalf of the Peterborough Diocese Board of Education. The school was inspected in March 2015 and a Section 48 SIAMS Report was provided. We were delighted that the inspection agreed with our school evaluation and that the report recognised the hard work of staff, pupils and families in partnership. The main findings are below:

  • Christian Values permeate all aspects of the school's life which has a significant impact on the lives of the pupils.

  • There are positive relationships, respect and care between all members of the school community

  • There are "happy children, who love to come to school and enjoy learning"

  • There is "outstanding personal and spiritual development of the pupils"

  • The headteacher provides clear and determined leadership with supportive staff and governors

Please see the link and read our attached report in full from the sidebar.

The Curriculum

We have a siginicant amount of information related to the Curriculum which can be found on a dedicated page.

Click here.

Charging and Remissions

A copy of this Policy can be found in the sidebar.

 Complaints Procedure

A copy of this Policy can be found in the sidebar.

 Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) information

Miss Lucy Sheen, our Class 4 teacher, is the new SEND co-ordinator for our school. She is supported by the other SENDCOs in our Multi Academy Trust. She is undertaking the Government's SEN qualification and has experience of working with pupils with SEND and EAL. She also attends regular MAT and Local Authority update meetings in order to help our schools deliver the best SEND provision for our children who need extra support.

Miss Sheen attends meetings with pupils on a high level of SEN support e.g. those who have need of external agencies such as the Educational Psychologist or Speech and Language support. She will lead staff in creating One Page Profiles (OPP) which summarise key information about the child and their targets. She can also attend meetings with professionals for parents and with parents e.g. the paediatrician in order to support families and gain the best outcomes for pupils. 

In our school Miss Sheen liaises with all classteachers and also with Miss Selena Reid, who is our SEN lead Teaching Assistant for pupils in Y2-Y5. Miss Reid delivers the intervention programmes and evaluates these with staff and Miss Sheen on a ten weekly basis.  Mrs Bourne, a HLTA in our school and also the C5 T.A,. delivers SEN programmes to children in C5. In C1 children have SEN needs delivered by staff and this is also overviewed by Miss Sheen in regular discussions with staff. In all cases, children who are able to have their needs met in the classroom are managed day to day by teachers and TAs but they liaise with Miss Sheen. All the pupils in need of support or extra intervention are on our school provision map. This is reviewed with Mrs Green regularly. Their progress and attainment is reviewed by the headteacher and the Governing Body Curriculum and Standards Committee. 

Our SEND Policy and Reports are available in the sidebar.

Pupil Premium

We believe in being creative in our use of Pupil Premium funds and we also believe funds should support equal opportunities for pupils where possible.

Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

Pupil Premium is the grant provided to schools by the Government to support those children it is believed are vulnerable to under-achieving. This includes children whose families may be eligible for free school meals or children who are looked after by the Local Authority.
At our school we have very low numbers of pupils who meet this criteria. It is a requirement for our school to publish the detail of this grant each year and the effectiveness of it in raising achievement of those pupils. We will not making any comment which could lead to any individual being identifiable and so some evaluative comments may be vague.

See the information in the Pupil Premium downloads in the sidebar.

In September 2013 we became an academy. Data is provided from this point.

Sports Premium

Please note the information in the sidebar which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

The documents shows how we have spent our PE premium funding over academic years and they demonstrate the impact of the funding on our PE and sport provision. We are very pleased with the impact the funding has had.

Sports Premium

Pupil Premium

Key Files and Reports

Our Vision

To deliver a caring, stimulating and enjoyable experience for all our pupils, during which pupils are expected to do their best at all times and to live out our Christian values by treating others as they would like to be treated.

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