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House Captain & Teacher Awards

Congratulations to all the children who have been awarded certificates in assembly today, week commencing 26 May.

House Captain Awards

The House Captains choose which children will be awarded these.

KS1                            Asher Being kind on to everyone
KS2 Ruaraidh Great dancing
KS1      A child Always trying their hardest
KS2 A child Great dancing
Ash Tree    
KS1      Jacob Playing nicely with friends
KS2 A child Being a good friend


Teacher Awards

Robins                     - Oceana - Good singing

Snowy Owls          - Beatrice - Good leader in PHSE

Flamingos              - Sam - Always working hard

                                   -  Shane - Great dancing

Kingfishers            - Kaitlyn - Great leadership skills


Our Whole School Blog

In our whole school blog, we plan to give you a flavour of all of the different and exciting things that happen for our children! Here are just a few examples of the imaginary things that could happen at a Wilbarston. Who knows what other amazing adventures are waiting to happen? The possibilities are endless when we let your imagination run wild!

Last week, the children in Year 3 arrived at school to find that their classroom had been transformed into a magical forest! There were trees growing out of the floor, vines hanging from the ceiling, and even a real stream flowing through the middle of the room! The children couldn't believe their eyes. They spent the whole day exploring the forest, discovering all sorts of creatures and treasures hidden among the leaves and branches.

Another day, the children in Year 1 found that their classroom had been taken over by aliens from outer space! The walls were covered in weird, glowing symbols, and strange machines beeped and whirred in the corners. The aliens even left a message for the children, inviting them to come aboard their spaceship and take a ride to the stars! The children were thrilled, and spent the day learning all about space travel and meeting strange new alien friends.

But the most amazing imaginary thing that happened was the day that the teachers all disappeared! The children arrived at school to find that all the adults had vanished, leaving behind only a mysterious note that said "Follow the clues and solve the puzzles to find us!" The children were delighted at this unexpected adventure, and spent the whole day searching the school for clues and solving puzzles. They discovered secret rooms, hidden messages, and even a treasure map that led them to a mysterious chest full of prizes. In the end, they found the missing teachers, who were hiding in the school library and waiting to congratulate the children on their clever detective work.