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House Captain & Teacher Awards

Congratulations to all the children who have been awarded certificates in assembly today, week commencing 3 July.

House Captain Awards

The House Captains choose which children will be awarded these.

KS1                            Alek Helping House Captains with equipment
KS2 Sam Being a good friend
KS1      Arlie Helping to put equipment away
KS2 Albert Being a good friend
Ash Tree    
KS1      Olivia Always being a good friend
KS2 Scarlett For always playing nicely


Teacher Awards

Robins                     - Austin         - Working hard in maths

Snowy Owls          - Isobel          - Excellent reading in phonics

                                    - Elizabeth     - Settling in well

Flamingos              - Catherine    - Settling in well

Kingfishers            - Blake, Nathan & Maksim - for running in all the races at the Athlectics event