Special Educational Needs and Disability

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Mrs McAuley is the SEND co-ordinator for our school. She is supported by the other SENDCOs in our Multi Academy Trust.  She also attends regular MAT and Local Authority update meetings in order to help our schools deliver the best SEND provision for our children who need extra support.

Mrs McAuley attends meetings with pupils on a high level of SEN support e.g. those who have need of external agencies such as the Educational Psychologist or Speech and Language support. She will lead staff in creating One Page Profiles (OPP) which summarise key information about the child and their targets. She can also attend meetings with professionals for parents and with parents e.g. the paediatrician in order to support families and gain the best outcomes for pupils. 

In our school Mrs McAuley liaises with Miss Milne and Mrs Bourne who often provide extra intervention and support.  Mrs Bourne, a HLTA in our school and also the Red Kites Class T.A,. delivers SEN programmes to children in Red Kites Class. Miss Gillies assists Flamingo Class. In Snowy Owls Mrs Sutherland leads focused support work and intervention. In Robins Class, children have SEN needs delivered by Miss Milne. All staff and programmes are also overviewed by Mrs McAuley in regular discussion. In all cases, children who are able to have their needs met in the classroom are managed day to day by teachers and TAs but they liaise with Mrs McAuley. All the pupils in need of support or extra intervention are on our school provision map. This is reviewed with Mrs McAuley regularly. Their progress and attainment is reviewed by the headteacher and the Governing Body Curriculum and Standards Committee. 

Your child's teacher will speak to you if it is suspected that your child may have SEN. Following further investigations your child may then be included in our SEN register which lists children who are having extra support in school or out of school for identified needs which are additional to other pupils or different to other pupils. When your child is on the "Special Educational Needs Register" with identified needs and support there will be a One Page Profile created with you and the classteacher. You should be aware what short term targets your child is addressing in order to support these at home. These targets are usually reviewed by the classteacher with parents termly. Mrs Green is updated by the classteachers and can provide more support to staff and advice on next steps if necessary. There is usually an annual meeting with Mrs Green and classteachers if your child's needs are extensive and require external support from other agencies. Most SEN needs are managed within school. Having SEN does not trigger extra funds for your child. For extra funding there must be evidence that no progress is being made with current levels of support from home and school and that further external advice has not been successful in leading to expected improvement. At this point the SENCO must complete an application for Higher Needs Funding which is assessed by the Local Authority who may or may not grant the application. The Local Authority can take up to 4 months to review an application depending on the number received each month. The panel meet monthly.

Where external advice is sought, this can take up to 9 months from referral for the external agency to see the child. This is especially the case for the NHS linked services. There is nothing schools can do about this process or delay. 

We know it is a worrying time if your child is under investigation for SEN - please talk to us and we will do our best to answer your questions. 

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