Sports Premium

Jesus said, I have come that you should have life, life in all its fullness. John, 10:10

Our P.E. premium funds have been prioritised this year for two core projects.

Firstly, to improve staff skills directly with input from specialist coaches. The coaches are working with staff on minority sports and improving staff skills and knowledge. Secondly, we have used funds to further develop our artificial games area so that it has fixed metal panels around it rather than the tennis court fencing we had when it was first made. The fixed panels will ensure that the pupils are able to use this space all the time and that ongoing maintenance costs and issues are reduced. All children love this area and use it well so it will benefit all. 


We have also used funds to offer more sport during the school day to enable all to participate. The Pacesetters group run clubs here on Tuesday and Friday lunchtimes and these have a good take up. Additionally, we offer a free club after school which changes each half term in order to enable pupils to access a wider range of sports e.g. volleyball, scooter and boxercise.  We also part-fund other clubs e.g. another mixed sport club and a gymnastics and football club. 

Funds have also been used to purchase additional equipment such as Swing Ball sets for the summer. 

Sports Premium Documents